Individual ProviderOne (IPOne) is the online, electronic payment system that allows Individual Providers to submit timesheets, receive pay for hours worked for in-home clients, and allows providers to manage your Medicaid claims.  
Are you a new IP or just need a refresher? For training to use IPOne, call the call center to schedule a training session. See the Call Center tab for contact information.
Note: This information is only intended for providers represented by SEIU Healthcare 775NW and non-members who are contracted individual providers.

The transition to the Consumer Directed Employer (CDE) program is underway. IPs in Phase 1 must complete the hiring process by January 24, 2022. IPs in Phase 2 must finish the hiring process by March 24, 2022. Unsure which Phase you’re in? Review our hiring phases mapHave questions? Email, or call 866-214-9899.


Please note, the E-Timesheet submission period for Pay Period Ending 01/15/2022 has ended. Payroll is currently processing. This means that system slowness may occur intermittently. Reminders:
• Timesheets cannot be edited or adjusted while payroll is processing. You can adjust a past paid timesheet after payroll processing is completed.
Any authorization updates made by case managers just before and while payroll is processing will be available in IPOne when payroll processing is completed.


The temporary hourly rate increase for Individual Providers (IPs) during the COVID-19 pandemic for dates of service January 1, 2022 – March 31, 2022 will be  $2.28/hour for each hour worked.


Version 8.7 of the Time4Care Mobile App is now available in your Android or IOS store! Please update your app for the most seamless experience today!

If you are experiencing challenges with the submit button in the WAIPONE portal, please follow these steps:
1. Clear your internet browser Cache. For easy steps, click here.
2. Try holding down the control button and then hit F5. This will force your browser to refresh.

Tips (for more Hints & Tips, click here)

  • You can check the status of your timesheet in the BetterOnline IPOne Web Portal. This will help you confirm that your timesheet has been received by the timesheet submission due date on the 2021 Payment Schedule. Look for the timesheet status Approved to be sure your timesheet has been successfully received. Click here for helpful information about viewing your timesheet status: Electronic Timesheet Status Steps
  • Portal (online) timesheets - Remember to SAVE your data before pressing the Submit button
  • Paper timesheets
    • can be faxed to (844) 459-7416 and must be received before 5pm on the deadline or
    • may be mailed to the address below and must be received on the deadline.
  • For any questions, call the call center at 844-240-1526.  You have the option to leave a voice mail.  Calls are returned within 1 business day.

Payment Questions and Information - click here

You Are Able To

  • Submit timesheets online using a computer or tablet.  Note:  Smartphone - will be available in the near future
  • Submit timesheets by fax at 1-844-459-7416
  • Submit timesheets by mail*
    PPL Individual ProviderOne
    PO Box 98698
    Seattle, WA 98198
  • Receive payment by direct deposit, debit card or paper check.

*Mailing a paper timesheet may delay payment. If you cannot submit
timesheets on-line, find a nearby fax machine now!


CALL THE PPL CALL CENTER!  A team is available to answer your questions and support you through this transition.

  • Call 844-240-1526 or find the direct phone number in other languages.
  • Hours Monday - Friday 7 am to 7 pm, Mon - Fri. and Saturday 8 am to 1 pm.

PCG - Public Partnerships: Supporting Choice. Managing Cost

Washington State has contracted with Public Partnerships LLC. (PPL) to provide the following services and support to operate the Individual ProviderOne payment system:

  • Local, call center staff who will be able to assist you with your payment questions.
  • An Operations Center that will process your timesheets, send paychecks, and mail W2s.