Payment Types

Direct Deposit – EFT Directly to your Bank

  • Enroll in Direct Deposit by using one of these methods:
    • Return the enrollment form you received in your Welcome Packet;
    • Set up your enrollment information in your IPOne User Account; or
    • Contact the IPOne Call center at 844-240-1526.
      • Click here for direct phone numbers in 12 languages other than English
  • Setting up or changing your Direct Deposit bank account takes 1-2 pay periods. You may receive a paper check before your Direct Deposit enrollment is finalized.

Debit Card – Wisely Pay by ADP

  • Select this payment option and a debit card will be sent to you via US Mail
  • Questions about the Wisely Pay by ADP debit card? Visit their website or Call 866-313-6901
  • Wisely by ADP ATM and Cash Reload Locations
  • Payments are deposited to the card on payday
  • If you do not select a payment method, you will be automatically enrolled in the Debit Card option and will receive a card in the mail.

Paper Checks

  • You can elect to receive a paper paycheck, which will be sent to you via US Mail. Checks are placed in the mail on each payday.  You must allow normal mailing timeframes.
  • If a paper check is lost in the mail or delivered to an incorrect address, it will take approximately 2 weeks to reissue a new paper check. Consider enrolling in Direct Deposit or the Debit Card to avoid this possible delay in receiving your pay.
  • You may receive a paper check while waiting for enrollment into Direct Deposit or if you've changed your selected bank account for Direct Deposit.
  • Paper paychecks cost money! Please consider costs and the environment, and select an electronic payment method. See PPL's Go Green program for more information.

Questions About Payments

  • When will you receive your payment?
    • Paper checks are mailed on the day payments are issued.  Allow for normal mail delivery times.  
    • Bank accounts and debit cards will receive the deposits the day payments are issued.
  • Haven't received your payment?
    • If you have not received your paper check within 5 days, call the call center at the number below.
    • If you have not received the deposit to your bank account or debit card by 3:00 pm, call the call center at the number below.
  • Issues with your payment amount? 
  • Federal withholding or W-4 questions?
    • The IRS has issued a new W-4 form for 2020. Please click here for questions about this form.
    • You must complete and submit a W-4 tax form so that the correct federal income taxes will be withheld from your paycheck. If you choose not to submit a W-4 tax form your tax filing status will be defaulted to withhold at the highest rate.
    • If you claim exemption from withholding ("Exempt"), your exemption for the current year expires mid-February of the next year. You must submit a new form each year to remain "Exempt". If you do not submit a new W-4 Form, your tax filing status will be defaulted to withhold at the highest rate.
  • Want to learn more about Paid Family & Medical Leave in Washington?
    • Paid Family Leave and Paid Medical Leave deductions will appear on your Earnings Statements. You can learn more about this here
    • Your one-stop resource for Paid Family and Medical Leave in Washington state is
  • Wage verification requests?
    • For services paid through SSPS (services provided before March 1, 2016), call 360-664-6161, select option 1
    • For services paid through IPOne (services provided after March 1, 2016), send a written request via
      • Fax to 1-855-901-6904, or
      • Mail to:
        Public Partnerships, LLC
        WA IPOne
        7776 S Pointe Pkwy W, Suite150
        Phoenix, AZ 850

Tax Exemptions

IRS Notice 2014-7, Difficulty of Care Payments

  • Individual Providers are eligible for the Difficulty of Care income exclusion if the Provider lives with the DSHS client in the same household. This means that the wages earned by an IP for providing personal care to a DSHS client whom they live with are excluded from the IP’s income for income tax purposes.
  • As of April 1, 2020, the IPOne payment system began excluding qualifying payments from your Federal Income Tax (FIT) calculation, and from wages reported on your 2020 W2. All previous years, including your 2019 W2, will be reported at the full amount of wages paid for the year. As an individual tax payer, you can claim this income exclusion on your personal tax return when you file. If you need assistance with how to do this exclusion, please contact a tax professional or the IRS.
  • The Difficulty of Care income exclusion applies only to personal care services (“PCS” on the Earnings Statement) and relief care. The income exclusion does not apply to payments made for respite care, skills acquisition, training, travel time, required training, or paid time off. When you file your annual income tax return with the IRS, you will have to identify what earnings are for PCS or Relief care, and only exclude those amounts, using the information found on your year-end Earnings Statement.
  • DSHS has created an educational resource to help you determine which payments are PCS or relief care.
  • Individual Providers must enroll to receive the Difficulty of Care income exclusion by submitting an attestation form to PPL. You will need to attest to your living arrangement with your client. If your living situation changes and you no longer live with your client, you must advise PPL promptly by submitting a new attestation.
  • More information about Difficulty of Care payments is available here.
  • The IRS FAQs can be found at this link.  Question 11 on the IRS FAQs identifies what line on the 1040 to claim and make this adjustment.