Questions About Payments

  • When will you receive your payment?
    • Paper checks are mailed on the day payments are issued.  Allow for normal mail delivery times.  
    • Bank accounts and debit cards will receive the deposits the day payments are issued.
  • Haven't received your payment?
    • If you have not received your paper check within 5 days, call the call center at the number below.
    • If you have not received the deposit to your bank account or debit card by 3:00 pm, call the call center at the number below.
  • Issues with your payment amount? 
  • Federal withholding or W-4 questions?
    • The IRS website has the W-4 form and questions about this form.  Click here.
    • Individual Providers may receive multiple W2 forms for 2016 - one from the previous payment system, SSPS, and one from IPOne, per client. Please keep in mind that neither IPOne Call Center agents nor your client's case manager can provide tax advice. If you have a specific question about your taxes or tax status, you may need to ask a tax professional.
    • The Health Benefits Trust will send out 1095B forms to Individual Providers. Forms will be mailed out at the end of February to meet the March 2nd deadline.  IPs should expect to receive 2 forms this year, one directly from Group Health for January 1-July 31st and one from the HBT via Zenith for August 1st-December 31st.  Providers should contact the SEIU Member Resource Center at (866) 371-3200 with any questions.
  • Wage verification requests?
    • For services paid through SSPS (services provided before March 1, 2016), call 360-664-6161, select option 1
    • For services paid through IPOne (services provided after March 1, 2016), send a written request via
      • Fax to 1-855-901-6904, or
      • Mail to:
        Public Partnerships, LLC
        WA IPOne
        7776 S Pointe Pkwy W, Suite150
        Phoenix, AZ 850

Payment Information

Payment Types

Direct Deposit – the Fastest, most secure payment method

  • If your SSPS payment was a direct deposit/EFT, your payment information did not transfer to IPOne. You must complete a new enrollment form, or fill out the information online
  • If you have questions about direct deposit, call 844-240-1526 or click here for direct phone numbers in other languages.

Debit Card (ADP ALINE card) – another fast payment method

Paper Checks

  • Paper checks are sent via U.S. Mail on each Payroll date.  Normal mail timeframes apply.
  • For questions about faster methods of payment, call 844-240-1526 or click here for direct phone numbers in other languages.