Payment Types

Direct Deposit – EFT Directly to your Bank

  • Enroll in Direct Deposit by using one of these methods:
    • Return the enrollment form you received in your Welcome Packet;
    • Set up your enrollment information in your IPOne User Account; or
    • Contact the IPOne Call center at 844-240-1526.
      • Click here for direct phone numbers in 12 languages other than English
  • Setting up or changing your Direct Deposit bank account takes 1-2 pay periods. You may receive a paper check before your Direct Deposit enrollment is finalized.

Debit Card – Wisely Pay by ADP

  • Select this payment option and a debit card will be sent to you via US Mail
  • Questions about the Wisely Pay by ADP debit card? Visit their website or Call 866-313-6901
  • Wisely by ADP ATM and Cash Reload Locations
  • Wisely by ADP Direct Deposit Debit Card
  • Payments are deposited to the card on payday
  • If you do not select a payment method, you will be automatically enrolled in the Debit Card option and will receive a card in the mail.

Paper Checks

  • You can elect to receive a paper paycheck, which will be sent to you via US Mail. Checks are placed in the mail on each payday.  You must allow normal mailing timeframes.
  • If a paper check is lost in the mail or delivered to an incorrect address, it will take approximately 2 weeks to reissue a new paper check. Consider enrolling in Direct Deposit or the Debit Card to avoid this possible delay in receiving your pay.
  • You may receive a paper check while waiting for enrollment into Direct Deposit or if you've changed your selected bank account for Direct Deposit.
  • Paper paychecks cost money! Please consider costs and the environment, and select an electronic payment method. See PPL's Go Green program for more information.

Questions About Payments

  • When will you receive your payment?
    • Paper checks are mailed on the day payments are issued.  Allow for normal mail delivery times.  
    • Bank accounts and debit cards will receive the deposits the day payments are issued.
  • Haven't received your payment?
    • If you have not received your paper check within 5 days, call the call center at the number below.
    • If you have not received the deposit to your bank account or debit card by 3:00 pm, call the call center at the number below.
  • Issues with your payment amount? 
  • Federal withholding or W-4 questions?
    • The IRS has issued a new W-4 form for 2020. Please click here for questions about this form.
    • You must complete and submit a W-4 tax form so that the correct federal income taxes will be withheld from your paycheck. If you choose not to submit a W-4 tax form your tax filing status will be defaulted to withhold at the highest rate.
    • If you claim exemption from withholding ("Exempt"), your exemption for the current year expires mid-February of the next year. You must submit a new form each year to remain "Exempt". If you do not submit a new W-4 Form, your tax filing status will be defaulted to withhold at the highest rate.
  • Want to learn more about Paid Family & Medical Leave in Washington?
    • Paid Family Leave and Paid Medical Leave deductions will appear on your Earnings Statements. You can learn more about this here
    • Your one-stop resource for Paid Family and Medical Leave in Washington state is
  • Wage verification requests?
    • For services paid through SSPS (services provided before March 1, 2016), call 360-664-6161, select option 1
    • For services paid through IPOne (services provided after March 1, 2016), send a written request via
      • Fax to 1-855-901-6904, or
      • Mail to:
        Public Partnerships, LLC
        WA IPOne
        7776 S Pointe Pkwy W, Suite150
        Phoenix, AZ 850

Payment Information